The Changemaker Fund

The Changemaker Fund 2022-2023

The Changemaker Fund offers one-year unrestricted awards of twenty-five thousand dollars to BIPOC-led community-based organizations throughout the Capital Region.

The guiding principle behind the Fund is our belief that those most impacted by a problem are in the best position to determine the solutions. Changemakers are organizations whose work addresses wide-ranging systemic inequities, including mental health, women and LGBTQ rights, food security and sovereignty, housing, youth and child success, and economic wellbeing. 

We believe that supporting and strengthening BIPOC leadership is one of the most effective means to create needed social change. We prioritize organizations that are led by and center the leadership and agency of Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color that approach their work using anti-oppression values: consciously striving to dismantle systems of oppression and the legacies of white supremacy culture in this country, while moving toward a more just and equitable society. 

**Please note** If you do not see how to apply to this grant opportunity after signing into your account (applicable to those applicants who have applied for UWGCR funding before through this portal), please update your eligibility profile (under your account information) as the eligibility questions have changed for this grant.  

You can download a PDF of the application hereto review.  Applications will only be accepted through this portal.