UWGCR’s mission is to advance community well-being on a generational scale. This means addressing immediate needs while breaking long-term cycles of exclusion by uprooting systemic structural causes that keep problems in place. To do this we design and lead collaborative efforts, advance initiatives within and across sectors, and award targeted grants that, together, form our organization’s agenda for social impact.

Our grant-making is guided by the following principles:

  • Equity: We prioritize strategies that will result in greater equity and inclusion.
  • Collaboration: We support approaches that bring together partners for greater impact.
  • Systems-change: We seek to demonstrate innovative solutions that make institutional practices and policies more effective, efficient and just.
  • Data-driven and evidence-informed: We use evaluation and data collection to inform our learning and deepen our approach and strategy. We are looking for organizations who do the same.
  • Learning, evaluation, and communication: We are committed to learning with and from our grantees in a way that leads to transparent, intentional, and meaningful change.

To check out what grant opportunities we have available, please look at the menu feature (upper left of the screen).  All opportunities and links to the applications will be there.  Proposals for grants are only accepted online and through this portal. 

Please feel free ot reach out to the Community Impact team if you have any questions.

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